MyBDHost Nameservers (NS)


To be able to host your website with MybdHost you will need to use our Name Servers. The Name Server entries are a critical part for proper website operation when setting up your domain. If these are not set correctly, your website will not work properly--and oftentimes not work at all.If you purchase a domain from MybdHost, we automatically set those Name Server entries for you.

MybdHost's Name Servers

Please change your name servers to the correct MybdHost name servers.

Note: Please contact the Registrar (the company from whom you bought your domain), request they change your Nameservers (NS) to the ones listed above. Most registrars allow customers to make the changes online themselves. Standard Propagation time is 24 to 48 hours. This means after 24 hours the domain name should be correctly pointing to your MybdHost account.

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