Price adjustment 2023

With recent Inflation worldwide, Energy and maintenance cost was gone way up significantly. Energy prices from suppliers have risen drastically since the end of 2021. This phenomenon has been affecting people and industries across the globe. And since prices are not likely to drop or stabilize in the near future, we are forced to increase the prices of many of our products by approximately 10-20%. In addition, we also, unfortunately, need to implement a serious increase to the electricity/air conditioning rates for our colocation products.

Which products are affected?

A large number of our products in all locations are affected.

The products that are not affected: IPs, domains, SSL certificates, racks, setup fees, and a few other examples.

When do the new prices apply?

All affected products that customers order starting on 1 January 2023 will have the new prices.

For existing products (ones customers have ordered and we have brought online before 1 January 2022), the prices will stay the same until 31 January 2022. The prices for existing products will change starting on 1 February 2023. This way, our existing customers will benefit from having the lower prices for an additional four months.

Where do I see the new prices?

Since 1 January 2023, you can find the new prices for new orders on our website. Starting on 23 February 2023, affected customers will receive an email with a link to a list of the products that they ordered and we brought online before 1 January 2023 together with their old and new prices.


You can also see the new price under the Product details page in our portal. You will see it as Recurring Amount.


I do not agree with my products becoming more expensive. What can I do?

We believe that our products still provide you with a fair price-to-performance offer. However, if you choose to end your contract, you can cancel and/or delete products using our customer administration interfaces and within the normal cancellation period. This will allow you to stop using the affected products before the new prices come into effect. We will unfortunately not be able to continue to offer our services under the old conditions.

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